The Check Depositing Fiasco

You know, the theatre of the dead husband absurd never really ends.

Got a check from our mortgage company made out to us both since the mortgage is in both of our names. I endorsed it with my name and took it to my new bank, Bank of America. 

They refused to deposit it because chad did not endorse it. I said: 

“He cannot endorse it, he is DEAD”. 

I showed them copy of death certificate which I now carry with me at all times because shit like this happens all the time. 

They told me I had to have the company reissue the check just to me. Fine. So I sat in their lobby and called my mortgage company. Guess what. Since it is our mortgage, and our mortgage is in BOTH OUR NAMES there is no way they can re-write it to just one of us even though he is dead because I would basically have to refinance to get his name off the loan. Yes even though HE IS DEAD. 

I tell the bank that. They are unpersuaded to let me deposit the check. 

For fucks sake!!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me?

Finally, i go back the the State Employees Credit Union where I had run down our accounts to basically zero but hadn’t actually closed them. They were completely aware he is deceased, and they happily deposited it AND wished me condolences. Two tellers came out from the desk and gave me a hug as did the front desk lady. 

Large banks have bells and whistles, mobile apps and such (why I changed) but you can’t beat a local credit union who KNOWS YOU personally. So I’m going to keep both banks accounts. I may even ditch Bank of America. I used SECU for decades when I gained Chad as a spouse. Small town locally owned everything is better. 

And, as always, having a dead spouse comes with SO many benefits.