Be Careful What I Wish For

How many times have I bitched moaned and complained that handicapped seats are hard to buy (as in scarce AND they make it difficult to do, have to call, blah blah blah) and they are ALWAYS the worst fucking seats in the place - the last row and to the farthest side? 

Oh, like 10,472 times. No, more probably. 

I went to the DPAC website just now to see if maybe there was anything I'd like to go to, you know, to cheer myself up, get out there, be a human being again. 

I clicked on an interesting show, went to look at tickets and....

.... didn't have to click the little wheelchair symbol for the super expensive really shitty accessible seats that probably weren't available anyway. 

Be careful what you wish for. . 

And now, I kinda don't want to go anyway.