So About That Vow Renewal

Hey, so it's that time when it’s 2 am and you remember that you never had that wedding vow renewal Chad always really really really wanted to have at Duke Gardens next to the water with Son at our side again, almost an adult now. 

We planned to do it at 10 years and for reasons that I don’t remember now, it just didn’t happen then. So we said we’d do it at 11 years. Didn't happen.  Then, 12 - nah, not a nice round number.  How about 15?  It never occurred to either of us that one of us might die before 15 years rolled around. 

This sucks. A lot. Because this meant SO much to him. I even bought a dress for that 10 year one. It’s very beautiful. I couldn't even look at it. I had someone immediately go to my house, that first week after he died, fetch it and give it away to a bride who cannot afford such a beautiful handmade dress.  It's the only thing I had someone deal with the very first week other than the rotting food in my refrigerator.  

I’m sorry Chad. I should have done this this for you. I’m so so sorry my love.  

I just SUCK as a wife.