Everything Changes

I didn't notice this one until just now. I was turning the lights on and off the way I wanted them and saw this .... even how I have the lights named in my bedroom has to change. It was called "wheelchair stand up" because it is a tall skinny lamp and it was near where his wheelchair sat where he was in bed and it was not being used.  I don't know how to change it because Chad was the tech guy who set all this up. But now that I have noticed it, I really need to change it because it is going to bother me.

We used our iphones/ipads to control lights so that he could do it too. He had the entire house wired via wifi to do everything himself. He was amazing that way. You name it, he could do it wifi with his mouthstick. He could even open and shut the garage door himself independently. And the boy was in the middle of building him a backup camera for his wheelchair when became too incapable to use his wheelchair (last summer basically). 

Man, this sucks.