They Wrote A Check To A Dead Man And Now I'm Stuck

Today was a very bad day. 

I got a check for $1100 from Chad's employer as a refund of the insurance premiums that were deducted from his pay, but he did not benefit from, from Feb 5 to Feb 28 since he, uh, kicked the bucket on Feb 4. So I went to my new bank where the account is only in my name, took his death certificate - hell, I always have it with me these days, I practically need it to order at a restaurant it seems - and my legal signing powers as the executor of his estate.  I signed the check and tried to deposit it into my account. They wouldn't let me. I argued with them for 20 minutes. Tough shit was the answer. 

So I went next to the Chad's bank, where we still have a joint account but with nothing in it, where they are MUCH more reasonable usually. But, I got the same damn song and dance. They at least told me to try calling the state and ask them to reissue the check in my name. So I did, sitting in the lobby. His employer said "So sorry, the funds were withheld from his paycheck so we can refund them only to him". To which I snappily and quite rudely replied "YOU DO KNOW THE MAN IS DEAD RIGHT??? And this is WHY you mailed a DEAD man a check RIGHT??????" And yes I raised my voice, and YES all people in the bank stopped and stared at me. The person on the other end of the phone said it was the bank's policy problem, not their problem, and hung up on me. I kinda can't blame her I was super rude. 

I went back up to teller, asked for the bank manager, explained the whole sorry situation, this time while crying, holding my legal executor status, his death certificate, and our bank account info - from which his name has not been formally removed I should note - and plead. No go. 

So guess what. I am just fucking out of $1100. Wonderful.