It Is Never Going To Stop Sucking

So son's senior year, final, marching band season starts in a few days and I just realized this whole last year of his high school is gonna suck. 

Chad will miss every milestone. Chad has been there since he was a baby in diapers and could barely walk and talk. And I don’t have anyone to go with I his stuff. I mean, I do. My parents go to his school events. My friends go. But it is not the same as going with CHAD, his stepdad of 15 out of 17 years. Ever since my niece's high school graduation a few weeks ago I have been dreading my boy's graduation a year from now.

God this year is gonna SUCK. 

Then my boys will move away to college and I’ll truly be alone. 

I wonder when life is gonna stop sucking. 


It's never going to stop sucking. 

Because he's never coming back.