The Nuclear Bomb: The Funny Farm

"And that's the sound of sunshine coming down"


I am back my very dear friends.

I took a break from everything in life to refresh my mental health as a voluntary inpatient for a week at Triangle Springs Behavioral Health Hospital ( here in Raleigh. I went for 8 days.

Doing this was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life and I wish that I had not waited until I was at rock bottom before I went in.

I am now ready to move forward, out of profound, soul crushing grief into the sunshine (hence the sunshine song for the metaphor-challenged).

The kind, supportive, understanding, skilled and empathetic staff of Triangle Springs - and more importantly perhaps, the other patients there - made me realize that.

I am very proud of me for being brave enough to do this and to talk about it openly. I am so excited about the next chapter now. I no longer dread each morning that I wake up.

Bring it on life. I'm ready.

Chad ould certainly approve of this brave thing I did.