Felix Culpa

First, Chad broke his neck as a teenager.  Disaster.

I got divorced from Bachelor #1.  Disaster. 

Me and Chad?  We met!  We got married.  Happy consequence!

I went crazy and almost died.  Disaster. 

I didn't die and I recovered.  Happy consequence!

Then, Chad died, for keeps.  REALLY BIG FUCKING DISASTER. 

I survived.  Happy consequence?  I'm getting to that place slowly.  

Some other bad stuff happened.  Disaster. 

6 month anniversary of Chad's last conscious moments.  Right now.  Happy!  Disaster!  Hmmmm.  I'll settle for calling it just a "consequence" right now.  

I WILL SURVIVE AND THRIVE despite the utterly inconceivable SHIT that has been, continues to be and probably forever will be - thrown my way.  I don't know why this is my road to walk.  But it is.  And now it's mine to walk alone.  

And I'm doing it.  

Fuck you life.  Throw more at me?  I'll fucking THRIVE.  I am strong and mighty and officially there ain't nothing I can't survive anymore.  So bring it on. I'll just show up, my usual strong-ass self and fight some more to thrive.  

Because that's just what I do.  I honestly don't know how to do it any other way.  I fight, fight, fight and fight and so far, I've never lost despite the battle(s) being unfair, pitched, long and ridiculous really. 

Felix culpa indeed. 

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